#TMIishTuesday #50 – Being me, or: Self-confidence


marks the 50th issue of this thing called #TMIishTuesday! And it’s also pretty
close to its 1-year anniversary! I posted the first #TMIishTuesday on 23
February 2016. Since, there has been a new post on this blog pretty much every
week. Crazy! Time flies! I don’t know how else to celebrate than to just post
another one of these. 😀 So, enjoy my thoughts on self-confidence.

there mighty people of the internet!

And welcome to issue #50 of #TMIishTuesday – my weekly Tumblr post about what goes
through my weird mind and on what you guys want to know more about. It can be
something very personal, it can be something political, it can be completely
pointless – but in 99.9 % of the cases, it involves opinions. And mine as well.

// Last week I talked about questions
I see a lot on the web: “Am I gay/lesbian/whatever because [blank]?”.
I elaborated on why those kids might think that doing/wearing/liking certain
things might set them apart and why that’s not true in most cases. Oh, and I
provided some examples that are, imho, quite hilarious. If you haven’t read
that yet: Click this.
Also, on the Queer Shoutout of last week: There is now a trailer for the German
film of Moonlight. It will be in cinemas on 9 March 2017. If you’re German, I highly recommend
watching it! Might even do it again. I’ll probably bring up the topic again
next week for a language-related post. //

Back to this
week’s topic though: Self-confidence.
Last week when I wanted to depart for school it was raining. But not like
drizzling rain, proper cats-and-dogs rain. So I put on my rain-proof trousers
and got out my bike. And after 10 minutes of cycling (and being freaking happy
about those trousers!), I walked into class. Once I did, I got some funny
comments on my trousers. Obviously I got out of them as soon as I arrived, but
my classmates noticed I wore them. I just told them how freaking useful the
trousers were and how they had not done a perfect job because there were still
a few damp spots on my jeans underneath.

I thought about how such situations would have been in high school. My class is
very open-minded and it’s just awesome how accepting everyone is of each other.
There’s no bullying going on and we definitely have the same kind of humor.
It’s just cool!

For most of high school, however, I had a hard time. Especially during
grade 5 through 7 some of my classmates bullied me. I was the easy victim:
Older than most of them, still the smallest and by far the skinniest guy, very
shy, not trying too much to fit in. It got a little better when we grew older,
but until the end I never felt fully integrated. If I had gotten out of those
rain-proof trousers in class back then, surely that would have made for days of

high school, I’ve had lots of life experience. And I’ve understood that I have
things to be proud of as well. I’m still the skinniest kid in class. Even when
the age difference now is even larger: Pretty much everyone is 4-9 years
younger than me. But they are no fierce, pubescent people and we’ve had a cool
bond from day one. Teachers even praise our class for having such a good
atmosphere among each other.

But back
to the trousers: I think my response really made the difference here. I just
laughed along with them cause I know that I look ridiculous with those
oversized trousers. But I didn’t want to spend the day in totally wet jeans.
The rest of the class all go by car or bus/train, so they don’t have to worry
about that.

Why I
tell you all of this? Well, the take-away is: Self-confidence is key! Be you –
and you will be happy! Don’t try to be a person you don’t want to be – just to
fit in. That will only make you unhappy. Rather, try to embrace as much of
yourself as you can! Sure, being 100 % yourself is not easy. And it takes a lot
of courage – and trust – to be that 100 % around others. But the more you can
be yourself, the better. And the happier you are. Trust me, it works!

In our
class I feel like we take each other for who we are. Or at least for who we
pretend to be. I don’t pretend to be someone else around them. And that’s a
complete different feeling to high school. I don’t have to lie to them. I feel
comfortable enough to laugh about myself. That helps a lot!

But the
complete truth is: I also don’t share everything with them. I haven’t told any
of them about my sexuality. Even the girl, who works at the same company as I,
doesn’t know. The question I ask myself a lot with that regard is: Why should
she (and the other classmates) know? Is there any added value to that? I do
think that there is. Just being a little more myself. Not having to avoid
certain phrases for the fear of them judging me. But I’ve only known these
people for half a year. And I only see them for a few hours

twice a week. I’m
not too close with them. I fear their judgement. Yes, they seem super accepting.
Especially in the context of the group. But you never know what some might really
think about you. And how that might change your relationship to them. Sure, the
saying is true: If they don’t accept you for who you are, you shouldn’t care
about them either. But that’s hard. Especially in such a small class of 17 that
I’ll meet each week for the next 2 years.

I do
think that I can trust several of those 16 that they won’t spread the word, if
I told them not to. But then again: It makes life more difficult with some
knowing and some not. I think the best way would just to be open about it. And
to grab opportunities to address the topic should they arise. I actually missed
one last week. I was in the car with the colleague from class and two other
class mates. We are not crazily close, but I do feel 100 % comfortable around
them. One of them asked whether I had a girlfriend. I simply said no.
Afterwards I debated whether or not this would have been a good way to slowly
open up about the topic. With the car ride having a clear destination and my
colleague and I heading to work straight after, there would have been a
clear-cut end to any arising discussion as well.

but I’m drifting off off the original topic: Self-confidence. I surely AM more
self-confident than a few years back. I actually think that coming out to the
few, who know, has played a huge role in that. Besides just growing older in
general. Oh, and taking the time to explore my role in society. Just reading
lots on some stuff that interests me (see all the posts on Trump, Spaenle, and
the like on here) and growing more of a “this is who I am” feeling.
In two weeks time there’ll be another major change happening. But I won’t spoil it just yet. As a hint: It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and I posted about it on this blog as well. Now I finally made an
appointment cause I feel I have the guts to do it. Self-confidence so to say.

What’s the take-away from this post:
1. It does get better.
2. You can do it –
no matter what.
3. You are just right. Whoever you are. Be yourself! It rocks!

Before I
go let me know your thoughts on self-confidence. In which ways are you
self-confident? What made you be more of the you you are know? Place a comment, tweet me, dm me, or do anything else
you can think of to get to me.

Queer Shoutout you say? Jase Peeples for advocate.com: An interview with Troye
Sivan on his album Blue Neighbourhood. It’s about one-and-a-half years old,
but I still found it very interesting. Troye talks about the album itself, what
it’s about, what some of the songs are about, and what makes the video trilogy
Wild/Fools/Talk Me Down so important. Check it!

As usual: Next #TMIishTuesday next Tuesday. If you have any
questions in the meantime, just ask away.
Whatever you’re curious about – I don’t bite. 🙂

Until then: Stay mighty!

– Moonlight trailer (German): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXNhcV_YPfo
– Queer shoutout: http://www.advocate.com/music/2015/9/11/troye-sivan-these-songs-are-about-boys

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#TMIishTuesday #45 – “Guys Can’t Wear Make-up”

…or can they?

there mighty people of the internet!

And welcome to issue #45 of #TMIishTuesday – my weekly Tumblr post about what goes
through my weird mind and what you guys want to know more about. It can be
something very personal, it can be something political, it can be completely
pointless – but in 99.9 % of the cases, it involves opinions. And mine as well.

// Last
I told you about some weird and crazy and totally cool words in the
English, German, and Dutch language – and what you should be aware of when you
try to use some words in the other language. Check it out, if you haven’t
already. //

week you mighty Twitter lot decided that I should talk about my opinions on
make-up. And I already said this on Twitter, but: I didn’t expect that. Cool!
So this will be about why make-up “is for girls” according to
society, what my opinion on the topic is and how it has changed over the last
years. Then we’ll get personal on whether or not I would ever wear make-up and finish it off with a few links of some
guys who really rock that make-up look. Okay? Go! 

is probably one of the most “feminine” things there are. Why? Well,
basically cause society taught us it is. According to society a woman generally
should wear make-up and be neatly dressed and all that shenanigans. At the same
time men should NOT wear make-up, have short hair, and be muscular. Well, we
know that most of these clichés are not true. Women also leave the house while not
dressed like they’re going to a prom. And there are men who have longer hair
and men who never hit the gym (hint: one might be Damian). And using cosmetics
has become the norm rather than an exception for men, too.

there’s that one cliché that most people – female and male – still tend to
follow: The make-up thing. Barely any woman I know leaves the house without any
on. They don’t look like they are going to prom – although there are few who ALWAYS
look like that -, but I feel most women at least do their eyes every day. Or
foundation. And then again some never leave the house without any lipstick on. 

don’t get me wrong: I’m absolutely fine with that! I don’t care whether or not
you put make-up on, girls! I absolutely don’t! You do you, I do me. And the
exact same is true for guys! Why the hell not!? I don’t f-ing care whether or
not you wear make-up. Why should I? And why does society? 

wearing make-up get weird looks sometimes. For society doesn’t feel it’s normal
for a guy to wear make-up. Here are my comments on some reasons why – according
to some debaters – men should not do so:

“The differences between the two sexes should be celebrated.”
– To me
that’s the worst argument ever! In our modern world distinguishing between sexes is not what we should aim for.
Instead we should strive for a less separated society in which your gender
doesn’t matter.

“Men should not wear make-up because it’s part of being a man.”

Well… And if we change that? What if we made wearing make-up the norm? This is
the “being manly” thing I mentioned above over again, isn’t it?

“Make-up on men makes them look gay.”
– Wow! Two stereotypes in one. Wow! But… erm… so what!? 😀
And this commenter went on to say that gays “make the world a filthy
place”. Do I need to say any more? Maybe this: Make-up may be regarded gay
because gays tend to wear it more often than straight guys, but obviously wearing
make-up has no potential to change your sexuality. And as you can see there are gays, who don’t
wear make-up. And I have seen straight men who wear make-up, too. So…

“Neither men or women should wear make-up. It’s just the cosmetics
industry who makes us want to wear it for their profits.”
– I give you that: The cosmetics industry CERTAINLY has an
interest in extending their target audience to men as well. But if it’s just
the industry that pisses you off… I’ll go ahead and buy some. After all you
don’t stop smoking only because the tobacco industry has an interest in selling
more cigarettes. Or do you? Btw, did you notice that even the big make-up companies take
men wearing make-up serious and target a male audience?
5. “Men should not be pretty.”
– Your POV. I think they should. It’s
not a must, but if they want to… why not? I like pretty men better than ugly men for
sure! Just as much as I like pretty women better than ugly ones. So you are one
of those “men should be muscular and manly” kind of persons? Fine.

Okay, now
we got that out of the way, I have to be honest: A few years back I thought
a little like these people. Like, not at all that extreme, but I thought
make-up was for girls and guys kinda looked weird with it. Well, thankfully
that has changed!

Why? Hard to say. But I guess there are two main reasons for

 1. I’ve become way more open to kind of everything “out of the
ordinary” after coming out cause I realised I myself am not ordinary. And let me tell you: Not being ordinary can be pretttty damn cool! 😛

2. A few
male YouTubers I really liked started wearing make-up. And… it looked AMAZING!
I should probably highlight Ricky Dillon cause he was the first one I saw
talking about it. I hadn’t even
realised he had started wearing make-up. A few weeks after he did he addressed the
topic and how he had gotten rude comments about it. He still kept doing his
thing and I admire that. Later I discovered that Trevor Moran and Joey Graceffa had also started
wearing some make-up in their videos. I wasn’t subscribed to those two, but
their looks were ON FLEEK!

kinda seems to have gotten into make-up a little more recently and has tried
lots of looks on camera (e. g. Boy Glam Makeup Transformation w/ Manny Mua).
Some were clearly a little bit over-the-top, but that was intentional. When he
just films normal videos I don’t see why he shouldn’t wear that kind of make-up.
It just looks fantastic!

there are many other guys who wear make-up. And to be perfectly honest: The
only times I feel that it is too much it turned out that the guys I saw were
drag queens (If you’re unfamiliar with that term, click here). Their goal is obviously to look over-the-top feminine. And thanks to
society’s stereotypes wearing make-up is seen as part of being feminine. 

And I
can tell you all want to know that one thing now: Would I wear make-up? The
answer should be clear by now: Why the f* not?! At the moment I don’t feel like
it. But I totally adore Ricky’s make-up, just as much as I like Connor’s or Troye’s painted nails
very much, btw. So who knows… Maybe at some time in the future I’ll have
blue-dyed hair, wear eyeliner and lipstick, and rainbow nail polish?! To
be honest that sounds VERY extreme, but who knows? I could totally imagine rocking
ALL of those individually for sure! 

Make-up should not be limited to only girls, nor should it be limited to only guys. It’s for everyone!

Before I
go, please let me know what you thought of this post and what your thoughts on make-up
are. Place a comment, tweet me, dm me, or do anything else
you can think of to get to me.

Oh and
remember the TMIish Queer Shoutout or so I introduced last week? This week I’d
like to shout out a simple tweet.
It’s on the topic of make-up as well and actually was one of the inspirations
to list this topic in the poll again. So check out Dean Eastmond’s tweet and
while you’re there, take a look around, too.

always: Next #TMIishTuesday next Tuesday. If you have any
questions in the meantime, just ask away.
Whatever you’re curious about – I don’t bite. 🙂

Until then: Stay mighty!

– Debate.org – where I got my reasons against men
wearing make-up from: http://www.debate.org/opinions/should-men-wear-makeup
– Glamour.com – Manny Gutierrez Is the First Man to
Star in a Maybelline Campaign, and It’s A Huge Deal: http://www.glamour.com/story/manny-gutierrez-maybelline-campaign
– Ricky Dillon – I’m a Boy and I Wear Makeup (Gender
Roles): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPNUbej4qZI
– Trevor
Moran: https://www.youtube.com/trevor
– Joey
Graceffa: https://www.youtube.com/user/JoeyGraceffa
– Ricky
Dillon – Boy Glam Makeup Transformation w/ Manny Mua: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6BJXq0QTTo
– Wikipedia – Drag queen: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drag_queen
– Dean Eastmond’s tweet: https://twitter.com/deanvictorr/status/820364372379922433
– Dean’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/deanvictorr/  

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#TMIishTuesday #43 – 16 Things I learned in 2016

No more
“first off"s anymore! It’s 2017. It’s Tuesday. It’s #TMIishTuesday.

there mighty people of the internet!

And welcome to issue #43 of #TMIishTuesday – my weekly Tumblr post about
what goes through my mind and what you guys want to know more about. It can be
something very personal, it can be something political, it can be completely
pointless – but in 99.9 % of the cases, it involves opinions. And mine as well.

I went quite cliché by posting my new year’s resolutions as my last post
of 2016. Addition to my 5 resolutions from last week: 6. Use after-shave every
day. I haven’t for a while. For which reason?? Also: So far I haven’t failed
any resolution. I mean… It wasn’t too hard, but still. Kind of proud. 😀

and guess what follows on a cliché post!? Another cliché post! First post of
2017. What better time to reflect on 2016? Yeey, I’m so creative! 😛 But you
know me. If you are expecting a break-down of political events, you might need
to look somewhere else. I’m sure the BBC, NBC, or ARD have made enough
"year in review” broadcasts to fill an entire year. No, THIS is a
reflection of some of the events that
– I figured out in 2016,
– I learned
I in 2016,
– I
achieved in 2016,
– have
moved me in 2016, or
– simply
have made my 2016.

Let’s see, if we can make it to 16 things.

1. It’s
okay to be gay!
At the start of 2016 I came out to basically anybody, who knows. The only
exception being my best friend. That was in December 2015 already. But in 2016
I told another very close friend (who might also be reading this. Hi there!),
my parents, and the parents of my two best friends. Every single one of them
has been absolutely supporting. Thanks to all of you guys! ❤

Bosses can be assholes!
Don’t get me wrong: I’ve had three jobs last year and only one boss was an
asshole. But this dude. Wow! I applied for a job to do in the period between
Christmas and my new study that started in August. Among others, I applied at a
call centre. Not the most satisfying job, but decent enough. It was all about
getting working experience anyways. But this dude ordered me 4, 5, 6 times to
do 1-2 hours of calls under his supervision saying that I was very close to
getting the job all the time. All of that lasted from mid January to mid
February. Then he said we should schedule yet another meeting and that he would
email me a date for the following week. I was already really fed up with him
and the entire place. And he didn’t message me. When I emailed him half-way
through the following week, he replied that they had no more interest in me.
That was such a kick in the face! I basically worked my ass off for them and
was then fired. I had no contract or anything, but still. I feel like they
betrayed me for 150-200 euros there. So that was an experience…

Having help in looking for a job is crucial!
applied loads for the apprenticeship that I started last August. 40, 50 letters
for sure. By mid-January a friend of my parents, who had heard I was looking
for one, approached me: Hey, so, I heard that this rehabilitation clinic is
looking for an apprentice still. I’m cool with their Vice CEO. You could tell
them I sent you and just try your luck. At the end of February I had an
interview there – and after doing a one-week internship I received a call
saying I could start there in summer. WOOHOO!

4. Being
a cashier can be awesome!
After I
had been “fired” (if you want so), I felt let down, discouraged. But
I wanted to work really badly. Sitting at home doing nothing really felt bad.
So I applied as a cashier at the supermarket closest to my parents’ (where I
had moved back in). And I got the job. Worked 4-6 hours a day, 6 days a week.
Having basically no weekend (when you work late shifts on Saturday and early
shifts on Monday) really sucks, but it pays just like any other job you can do
without a study. Not having to pay any rent, I made quite some money. And it
was really fun as well! It’s a massive supermarket and there are lots of
returning customers – also from the surrounding area. Not just the city itself.
It’s quite a cool store tbh 😛 And my colleagues were really cool as well. On
New Year’s Eve I went there for the first time since leaving for a different
city. Just walking through those sliding doors I felt “at home”. Such
cool people! I kind of miss that place. In a way…

Tumblr is cool!
past days I realised how Tumblr played a big role in my coming out process. I
never really was aware of its influence. But in Summer (or so) 2015, half a
year before coming out, I created this account and followed some blogs posting
cute guys. That was the first hint, I guess? In 2016 I continued scrolling
through these posts and got waaay more into it. Not only did I start writing
texts that I posted on Tumblr, but the amount of time I spent scrolling and
browsing just increased a lot. And I like it. Oh, and I posted my coming out
story to have it written down somewhere where I can read it any time I want to
– and yet hidden from friends. Great decision! I wouldn’t remember it as well,
if I hadn’t put it there. And look what has developed from this all! I write a
ton of stuff about stuff that matters to me. Every week. And I did 21 posts of
#mightyadvent as well. I love it! Thanks for reading my ramblings, guys!

6. Coming
out videos are great and the world is not binary!
This is
something that is probably also valid even more for December 2015, but: I
freaking LOVE coming out videos. Recently I’ve been way too busy and haven’t
watched one in probably a month or so. But until May or June I probably watched
EVERY coming out video that was uploaded to YouTube. Just to get a feeling of
how my coming out had gone. And because I wanted to hear other people’s
stories. There is a huge mixture of reactions out there. People getting
disinherited or getting hit. People with indifferent parents. People who got
very loving responses telling them they supported them the way they are. I was
lucky enough here.
While I knew that there is more than just
– male/female for gender and

hetero/gay for sexual orientations,
I never
really knew what else there was. Like, what exactly is there beyond the binary?
Then I started watching all those coming out videos. And I stumbled across
people identifying as all kinds of genders and sexual orientations. Even if
some were trolls (remember the guy who came out as playing Minecraft? F*ing
bastard! Sorry, I shouldn’t call people this, but he deserves it), I saw LOADS
of real, sometimes very inspiring videos, and stories that just make you go
“awwww”. Anyway, I’m drifting off again. What I wanted to say here
is: I learned that there are more than two genders and more than two sexual
orientations. I knew that transsexuality existed, but never had an idea what
people felt like going through it. And I now know a lot about asexuality or
pansexuality as well.

Twitter is queer, too!
In the
summer I somehow stumbled across VollzeitJonas’s Twitter. He must have replied
to some YouTuber’s tweet or so. Anyway, I followed his account and thereby
truly boosted my experience. By him posting some stuff and retweeting lots and
lots on LGBTQ+ issues, I began to discover the topics as well. I found
queer.de, a wonderful German news website that focuses on news on LGBTQ+
issues. And I found dbna.de, a site for gay youth. Dating website, community,
forum, tips – it’s all on there. From Jonas’s Twitter account it basically just
evolved over time. I interacted with him and others, who follow him and by now
I follow some more cool peeps. I like that!

Living on your own rocks!
Yeah… I
moved twice this year. From the students’ house in the Netherlands I had lived
in for the past 4.5 years to my parents’ house (in February) and then to the
place I live now. And I’m really living on my own for the first time. It took
some money to get all the stuff needed to fill an entire apartment. And I
basically spent all the money I had earned over the 4.5 months before as a
cashier. But: It was worth it. I really like my interior. It also took some
time to get used to all the stuff you have to do when living on your own
entirely – with no flat mates. Not owning a dish washer, cleaning everything on
your own, cooking on your own… You name it. But it certainly offers some
advantages as well.

9. Work
can be a positive thing, too!
When I
started the apprenticeship in August I was quite scared. How would I be able to
cope with working 40 hours a week and having to study for school at the same
time. It was quite hard to get used to, to be honest. But I figured out I don’t
have to study tooooo much for school. My study pays off. At times I feel like
the most difficult thing is constantly translating from English to German cause
I studied in English. Work itself is quite interesting. Different tasks and
while it gets a little boring at times, most of the times there’s more to be
done. And they try to assign me different tasks so I don’t get too bored.
That’s cool. Also I have – like at the supermarket – very lovely and caring
colleagues. One tiny downside: There’s only one guy my age there. And I think he
has a girlfriend. :/ And for the “boring” stuff there’s a positive
news too: I’ll get to see a different department in two weeks, so a little more
variety to come. I enjoy working full time cause I can see what I am doing this
for already. That’s cool! However I should have taken a few days off work before
Christmas. I did like 95 % of my Christmas shopping the afternoon before. Oops.

10. A
car can save lives!
Or well…
Let’s say it can improve the quality of life. I got a car a month after I
started the apprenticeship. It’s 15 years old. But you know… as long as it
keeps going… Plus it’s my first car. Oh and by going by car I save about 4
hours a week on travelling time. And some money as well. Sounds weird, but
makes sense once you realise that a month ticket for the train is more
expensive than day tickets for me cause I only work three days a week. The
other two are school which is located in the city I live. And the car also
proved very useful for visiting a friend in the Netherlands. He doesn’t live in
the place I studied at anymore, but moved further west to Apeldoorn, meaning it
was a two-hour drive for his birthday. By train it would have been 3 hours –
which I probably then wouldn’t have done. And it was about the same price to
go. Trains are f*ing expensive!

Travelling is the world to me!
I didn’t
go on a long holiday in 2016, but did several weekend trips. In May I went to
visit a friend in Denmark with the mates from my Dutch table tennis club. Had
the greatest time there! Three days of talks, catch-ups, table tennis, a cool
city (Århus), amazing weather – to say I enjoyed my time there would be a big
understatement! Side note: That is now the most Northern spot I’ve been to. I
told you about my trip to Apeldoorn already where we had a great time as well.
Even if it was only about 15 hours. And I pretty much just got back from the
last highlight of 2016: I visited a very good friend in Belgium. First time I
went to Belgium. Or well… I crossed it on the way to Orléans as a third-grader.
That doesn’t count, does it? Anyway, Belgium was really fun! Being with my two
best friends is always perfect. And exploring a city I have wanted to visit for
a long time, makes it even better: We went to Brussels for an entire day and
explored the city of Leuven for the other day. Really cool – both cities! Want
to go again! Have no trips planned for this year, but could imagine visiting my
Danish friend again – and who knows what else.

12. Online
dating is hard!
I don’t know whether I mentioned this on here and I certainly didn’t “offline”.
But I’m sure there’s a tweet about this. In October or so I got inspired by VollzeitJonas and others and created an account on that gay online dating
platform. After some browsing I got a message from a guy, who was looking to
meet people. And I replied politely and thought I’d give it a try. But that’s
just as exams started at school and I had several other “big
projects” in this thing called “real life” and I felt I wasn’t
quite ready to invest that much energy at the time. That’s why it kinda just
ended after one message. Sad story. But totally not his fault. I think I should
give this whole online dating thing a go again. See my new year’s resolutions,
btw. [/shameless self-promo]

13. I can still feel the Pulse!
This is probably the most grief I’ve felt this year. I woke up some Sunday in June
to the news of Orlando. It was early morning over there when a “man” (should
we call him “man”, if he’s that cruel?) entered Pulse club. One of
the more popular gay clubs in the city. And now probably all LGBTQ+ around the
world know the club. For a very sad reason: That man didn’t just enter the
club. He fired into the crowd trying to assassinate as many as possible. 49
didn’t make it out alive, 53 more were wounded. Most of the people at the party
were of Hispanic background cause the club was holding a Latin night. That much
for the motive of the perpetrator and the description of what happened. Learning
about the events in the morning on Twitter just twisted my stomach. It was the
first major LGBTQ+ hate crime I heard of after discovering my own sexuality. I
follow several LGBTQ+ folks on Twitter, so the message spread to me rather quickly.
I realised how much of a deal this was when I saw so that basically any LGBTQ+
I follow on Twitter posted about it. Sheer madness. I had just become more
proactive and had just fully accepted myself as gay – and then THAT happened.
Writing about this still makes my fists clench. R.I.P. to all 49.

14. Terror
is here!
– the time of the year most people here in Germany get excited for Christmas.
And we have those cute little Christmas markets. You can get glühwein there and
fries and lots of (let’s face it: pretty useless) self-made stuff. The booths
are lit up with chains of light and everyone is just letting go of the stress
that tends to tension the atmosphere around that time of the year. A very
famous Christmas market is the one in front of Berlin’s Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial
Church which itself is one of the must-see places as a tourist. And then there
was the man who would kill 11 and injure 55 more when he drove a truck into
that very Christmas market on 19 December. I – again – read about it first on
Twitter. At first I thought it was just an accident and didn’t really bother
too much, skipping the messages in my timeline and scrolling on. But after an
hour or so I thought it was about time to check what really was going on in
Berlin. It was only then when I realised how bad things really were. We had our
first successful terrorist attack in Germany. R.I.P. to the victims!

15. Prejudice sucks!
New Year’s Eve 2015? Lots of people were sexually assaulted right next to the
famous Dom cathedral in Cologne. Potentially by men “of North African
appearance” (that’s what Police said). And there was an outcry in the
entire country for how ruthless “all the immigrants” were. What they
forgot – like so many times before and after the incident – is that a group of
5-50 people is not “all immigrants”. But that’s a different story I
could rant over for an entire #TMIishTuesday post. What also was part of the outcry
was how not-present Police were during that night. How was it possible that so
many ladies were assaulted in public and Police didn’t notice? No one really
knew the answer. Lesson of these events: More police will be present at big public
events. The results? Well… New Year’s Eve 2016. Cologne again. More police is
present. The square in front of the Dom is closed. And we still get news. News
that make me wanna puke again. Why? Apparently police checked kinda any
non-white person thoroughly, while not checking white people (or not checking
them that much). That’s prejudice. If not racism. And no debate about this: Police
being accused of being racist is an absolute no-go! And that should make them
think. For heaven’s sake, why can’t we just have a great time on New Year’s

Chocolate cereal likes to play hard to get!
I want to end this on a lighter note, so: In 2016 I discovered that my beloved
chocolate cereal really is hard to get hold of. The best deal is certainly at
the Aldi (thanks for not sponsoring this post, Aldi!). Problem here: People
know that. And in each batch there are like 12 (?) boxes of different types of cereals,
but only one box is chocolate cereal. And guess who went to the Aldi a good few
times just to get cereal and ended up NOT getting it because there were like 5
batches of cereal in the shelves, but all chocolate cereal was gone? Yepp. This
guy. Sad times!

Thank you!
I’d like to say thank you to all the lovely people who made this year as great
as it has been:
– My friends from my hometown: Stephan, Lukas, Ago, Dennis, Katja, Linus, Desiree,
– My “Dutch” friends, who are not all Dutch: Marc, Linda, Laura, Christina,
Martijn, Rik, Danny, Mette, Cédric, Annelies, Abhishta, Wouter, Menno, Celestine,
and the rest of my table tennis club
– My friends from the new town: Jenny, Florentin, Juliet, Linda, Marina,
Katharina, Lina, Dana, and the rest of my class
– My
parents and family
– and so
many I probably have missed on this list. 

Also thanks to loads YouTubers:
– Those that showed me that queer is cool: Ash Hardell, Ricky Dillon, Connor
Franta, Calum McSwiggan, ItsColeslaw, Troye Sivan, Hannah Hart, Chandler ‘N
Wilson, Sam Collins, Courtney-Jai
– Special shoutout to those who I witnessed coming out this year: Ricky Dillon
and ItsColeslaw
– Those whose vlogs up my day: Marzbar, Ben, Oskar, Felix von der Laden, Ben
Brown, George Benson, izzi, FunForLouis
– The German Minecraft gamers out there: skate702, CubePlayTV, Herr Bergmann
(plus teams #unfazbar, #Destilay and #Vibe for their great #VARO4 videos)
– The rest, who just don’t fit a category, but make THE BEST content: Julien
Bam, Applewar, Mikey Murphy

thanks to the lovely Twitter folks:
– VollzeitJonas, XLucamiraX, _FlexiHD_, achojo, Hennddrik, jsnjgr

This has become such a long post! I feel like it’s the longest I ever posted!
:O That was totally not the intention. And it turned out a little more
seriously than I initially planned. But that’s fine. That’s just a
representation of my life.

That’s been my 2016! Hope you liked it. I certainly did!

What did
you achieve in 2016? I wanna know. Let me know by placing a comment, tweeting me, dming me, or what else
you can think of – you know the means to get to me.

As always: Next #TMIishTuesday next Tuesday. If you have any
questions in the meantime, just ask away.
Whatever you’re curious about – I don’t bite. 🙂
Also: Poll to determine next week’s topic will be up on Twitter on Sunday afternoon.

Until then: Stay mighty!

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#TMIishTuesday #42 – New Year’s Resolutions

off: Change of plan – compared to my last post: I just won’t make it to finish
#mightyadvent this year. Ergo: Only 21 posts this year. Better luck next year?
Hopefully? This is the #TMIishTuesday for this week. On time from next week on.
Pinky promise!

Hey there mighty people of the internet!

And welcome to issue #42 of #TMIishTuesday – my weekly Tumblr post about
what’s on my mind and what you guys want to know more about. It can be
something very personal, it can be something political, it can be completely
pointless – but in 99.9 % of the cases, it involves opinions. And mine as well.

How do I
intro this? Cliché? Dive right into it? Okay, cliché, fine.

It’s the
last week of the year and lots and lots of stuff has happened. But: Let’s take
a look into the future. What should 2017 look like? Ever heard of this strange
thing called “new year’s resolutions”? Let’s do those. Spoiler: 100 %
sure not gonna stick to all of them!

1. Post
#TMIishTuesday’s each week.
One of these posts each week. Each Tuesday. And let’s face it: The times I’ve
been posting these ramblings are not exactly “human friendly”. I feel
that most of the times I posted at 11 pm or later. So for 2017, I want to
change that! What about primetime? 8 pm. The time I tried to post the #mightyadvent
posts. I know, I barely made it. But #TMIishTuesday is a weekly thing and
I’ve already written them on Mondays occasionally anyway. So, let’s aim for
that! Also means, I really have to post the polls on Twitter for you guys to vote for the topic on
Sunday afternoon. If I post them later, I can’t start writing. So basically two
resolutions in one.

And disclaimer: Obviously there WILL be times that I just can’t make it. I
work full time and have to study for exams at the same time. But I’ll try my
very best! If I can’t make it, you’ll read it on my Twitter.

2. Keep
posting #mightygoodnighttune’s each day.
This is probably one of the easier resolutions. I mean I already did it this
year. And succeeded! If I don’t mess up the last two, there’ll be 366 of my
favorite songs on my Twitter. Just check the hashtag to see them. Also: Goal is
to actually post one each day. That means scheduling them, when I know I won’t
have internet access for the a given time.
And disclaimer: I might post some songs that I posted this year (or a lot actually). I have posted 366
different songs in 2016. I don’t know 365 more. 😀

3. Get outside
each day.
This might come as a surprise to some of you. Why would anyone NOT leave the
house each day. But I certainly have days that I don’t. And I have days that I
only leave it to do grocery shopping. Yes, I walk there. But, if at all, it’s a 2-minute walk there. That shouldn’t count for this resolution. I want to get
out! Like, breathe fresh air 5 minutes a day. At least. I would be satisfied with that.

4. Start the whole gay thing.
This –
again – might look strange to anyone else but me (haha), but I’ve been posting
lots of (hopefully cool) stuff on the internet about LGBTQ+ topics, but never
actually had the motivation to REALLY start exploring the gay life in the real
world. But I really want to! Simply put: I’m too lazy. I might also have set
the wrong priorities sometimes.
Enough of that! Make it a thing now, Damian! Attend a local
LGBTQ+ youth group, meet with the students’ association, start online dating –
I don’t know. But I want to do SOMEthing.

5. Start
playing table tennis again.
I don’t know whether I mentioned this on this blog before, but I used to play
table tennis. I started in high school playing in the breaks with friends. And
when I moved to the Netherlands I joined the local
student table tennis club. I quickly started to really like it. I
was part of two committees for the club and played league matches.
Then I moved back to Germany. And never played table tennis again. I mean it’s “only”
been a year now, but my plan, when moving to this city in August, was definitely
to start playing again. I haven’t managed to do that yet. So: 2017 Damian, go
for it!

Damian? Get active! 😛

What are
your new year’s resolutions? Are they anything similar to mine? Let me know by
placing a comment, tweeting me, dming me, or what else you can
think of – you know the means to get to me.

As always: Next #TMIishTuesday next Tuesday. Let’s put this
new year’s resolution into practice, shall we? If you have any questions, just ask away.
Whatever you’re curious about – I don’t bite.
P. S.: Did you know that you can also ask Q’s when you don’t have a Tumblr account? 🙂

Until then: Stay mighty!

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#mightyadvent #20 – #TMIishTuesday #41 – Tattoos & Piercings

Okay, sooo… this post
should have been up last week, on 20 December. But… Stuff happened! Christmas
and prep mostly. And birthdays. And what not.

Anyway, this is #TMIishTuesday #41 and #mightyadvent #20. I’ll post four more
#mightyadvent posts this week and then another #TMIishTuesday (that would have
been due tomorrow) at the end of the week. Hope that works out. And now: Enjoy my ramblings.

Hey there
mighty people of the internet!

And welcome to day 20 of #mightyadvent! – the series that I post daily on Tumblr
until Christmas discussing different themes that differ per day of the week, so
you (and I) don’t get too bored. And
welcome to issue #41 of #TMIishTuesday – my weekly Tumblr post about what
goes through my mind and what you guys want to know more about. It can be
something very personal, it can be something political, it can be completely
pointless – but in 99.9 % of the cases, it involves opinions. And mine as well.

Since there
were no votes in the poll last week, I’ll just pick the topic of today’s post.
Bring the drum rolls, please. [drum_rolls] (Thank you) So, today I’m going to
talk about tattoos and piercings, also known as body modifications. [/drum_rolls] Why that
one? As you might remember from #TMIishTuesday #21, I started a new study in
August. And either I didn’t notice all the tattoos and piercings on the bodies
of my class and table tennis mates back in the Netherlands, or they just didn’t
have as many. One thing is for fact: In my new class of 16 there are 6, who
have got one or more tattoos. And there are some piercings as well.

So now
you know how I came up with the idea to talk about this, what is my opinion on
them? In high school I used to dislike tattoos and especially piercings. I just
didn’t see the added value. Some tattoos looked rather frightening as well and I
thought that it must hurt like hell getting one.

In the
meantime I’ve seen lots of YouTubers get tattoos and seen many more tattoos in
real life as well. And quite some piercings. Has my opinion changed? Yes, very
much so. Piercings are still a thing
that I don’t find pretty most of the times – but who am I to judge? If you like
it, go for it! It certainly is art as well and very legitimate to get one.

Tattoos? Yes, please! Over the
last few years I’ve discovered that I actually fancy tattoos very much. I do
think that you have to be a certain kind of person to really rock a tattoo. But
if you have the personality or the body to rock one, the odds are I really like your tattoo. Be it a
big one, be it a small one; be it a colorful one, be it a uni-color one – they
just look great most of the times! And if they have a personal meaning to you,
even better!

also makes sure you’re probably not gonna regret getting that tattoo. Cause I
imagine that to be an absolute nightmare! Take that one girl from my class. I
don’t recall which of the (approximately) 15 tattoos it is that she regrets
getting. But simply knowing that even now – at the age of 21 – she already regrets
getting it a few years ago, makes me question whether she really thought it through
before getting it. And I’m pretty sure she’s not the only one. Not for nothing
entire business exist around the removal of such “mishaps”.

But I’m
drifting off. What I wanted to say is: In most cases I like tattoos. They are
unique and kind of tell the people around you something about you right away. I like that.

piercings… I don’t know. I mean… A nose piercing does look cute sometimes (have you seen Troye Sivan’s one? I LIVE for that!). But
sometimes I think it doesn’t as well… Maybe it depends on the kind of nose and
shape of face? I don’t know! I still don’t really get why you would get one
tbqh. It doesn’t tell a story, does it? But again: No offense to anyone, who has
got one.

Now the
Q of the Q’s: Would I ever consider getting a tattoo or piercing? No, probably
not. When I don’t like piercings very much, i guess it’s pretty clear, why I don’t want
to get one? And for the tattoos: I don’t like that they are
permanent. Like, sure, you can get them removed, but getting one in the first place is really expensive and getting them removed costs extra money and is a shitload of trouble. Plus I don’t like needles too much. I
used to be phobic. That improved a lot – when you get surgery they need lots of
blood samples beforehand, so that came naturally. But the needles are also the
major reason that keeps me from donating blood. I can’t stand them.

conclusion? Piercings: Not really my kind of thing. Tattoos: Look very cool in
most cases, but I wouldn’t get one for the sake of permanence. Definitely digging them on other bodies, tho! What about you?
Do you have any tattoos or piercings? And do you like when people have them? Let me know by commenting, tweeting me,
dming me, or what else you can think of – you know the means to get to me.

But with
that being said… I’ll see you tomorrow for #mightyadvent #21 for a #WeirdWednesday
post as part of #mightyadvent. Next #TMIishTuesday NOT next Tuesday (aka.
tomorrow), I want to post the four remaining #mightyadvent posts first. Follow
my Twitter, if you want to know, when it goes live. 🙂 And if you would like to
know anything specific, just ask away.
Whatever you’re curious about – I don’t bite. 🙂

Until then: Stay mighty!

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TMI-ish Tuesday 37: Living on my own (update)

on your own can be fun! Or it cannot be. Depending on how you feel about it.
Whether you need many social people around you or whether you prefer time on
your own. How I feel about this? Find out in this post!

Hey there
mighty people of the internet!

And welcome to another whateverthisis of TMI-ish Tuesday.

// Quick
check-up on last week’s topic: My body still looks like it did last week.
Surprise! And my opinions on my body and other people’s bodies are also still
the same. Surprise! If you haven’t, yet, I think you should read what I wrote
about it. Surprise! Thank you, I love you. Bye. Oh, wait. This post
just started. Ehhh… Stick around? Please? //

week’s topic is living on my own. If you read the very beginnings of my TMI-ish
you’ll know that I lived in a students’ house during the time I
studied in Enschede. In July I moved into a nice apartment on my own. Hence,
why I talk about living on my own. Btw, I already did that earlier on. Here’s
the vlog-like post I wrote about my week back then. But obviously things have
changed over the last 4 months. Not only am I almost save of not getting fired
from my apprenticeship now (contractual trial period ends 30 November), but I
also have got some routine with living on my own.

mentioned in the short “what to expect from the post” that
accompanied the poll (thanks for voting, guy/girl), I’ll talk about how I feel
about living on my own, what I expected, and what actually happened.

let’s start with the general things: I moved from 16 sq metres in Enschede
(plus a kitchen that I shared with my 4 roommates) and 14 sq metres at my
parents’ (plus shared kitchen and living room) to about 33 sq metres. That
includes the kitchen and the bathroom, though. Still: Subtracting the dining
table area – the table finally arrived last week!! – I still have more space
than before. But I also pay an extra 100 euros. It’s totally worth it though! After
being a little bit worried about getting lonely, I have discovered that I don’t
miss the company that much. I never had too much contact to my roommates in
Enschede anyway, so there wasn’t a big difference to now.

What is
a huge advantage that I really enjoy, is not having to clean up everything
immediately. I mean, yes, you still have to do it some time, but it’s totally
up to you when you do. And it is only your own stuff as well. In the students’
house I definitely cleaned up others’ stuff very regularly. And that was nasty
sometimes. Very nasty. The downside is obviously that I don’t have others to
hang around with. But – again – that was not the case in the students’ house,
either. So… no change really. Still enjoy spending time on my own. And here is
the major difference to then: I now work 8 hours a day. And when I get home,
I’m quite exhausted and just want to relax. Not being interrupted by anyone is
very cool then. Although… I wouldn’t mind, if my boyfriend did! If I had one,
that is. Single gays, come my way! Introduce yourselves! 😛 (For real, tho, hit
me up. My DMs are waiting)

That’s the part about loneliness. But since I am not feeling lonely, my drive
to explore this city is not really as big, as I expected and as I would like it
to be. To be quite honest, I haven’t really seen much of this place, given that
I have lived here for four months. And to be even more honest: That sucks! I
don’t like that! I should get out of this house more often. The thing is: I’m
very busy during the week and when you go back to see friends in your home town
as regularly as I do, you need the rest of the weekends to relax and do the
household stuff you need to do. I need to cut on going to see my friends from
my home town I guess. For the simple reason that it makes me want to get some
friends here, too. Cause that’s what I want. (Ignore the fact that I could
easily cut on my internet time, please, okay? :D)

And I guess that’s about it. Already. Another short (VERY short!) TMI-ish
Tuesday. More next week. Be sure to vote on Twitter, if you want to decide the
topic. As usual, I’ll post the poll some time on Sunday with 24 hours to vote.

then, tell me how YOU live, I wanna know. And do you enjoy how you live? Why? Let
me know by placing a comment, tweeting me, dming me, or what else you
can think of – you know the means to get to me.

always: Next fact next Tuesday. Or earlier, if you would like to know anything
specific. Just ask away. Whatever you’re curious about – I don’t bite.

Until then: Stay mighty!

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TMI-ish Tuesday 36: Body Image

there mighty people of the internet!

welcome to another whateverthisis of TMI-ish Tuesday.

writing this after two extremely exhausting days of training for work. So I
apologise beforehand, if my language in this post sounds rather German. I really shouldn’t be be bothered to talk English now. But I want to keep my schedule and I love this as well. So here you go. 😛

// Quick
check-up on last week’s topic: My love for BVB is still going. But if you
haven’t read how I fell in love with football and the club and how I witnessed their
recent past, I really think you should do now. //

week’s topic, as voted by you mighty Twitter people, is body image. People
obviously have very differently shaped bodies – and I think that is AWESOME!
Imagine how boring this world would be, if we all had the same stature. That just
wouldn’t be any fun. I know that some people – me included – are not happy
about their body shape. Nature is cruel sometimes and that’s especially true for
genetics. If your genes give you a tendency to get very obese very easily,
that’s not cool! And you can’t even do anything about it really. The other way
around is also possible: When nature thinks it’s a good idea to make you as
thin as a stick when it’s really not a good idea. And you can’t even do
anything about it really.

You are
now probably wondering what side I am on. Well… I’m definitely the stick. And
while I am glad that I don’t tend to be obese, being that thin has really given
me some hard times. Don’t think that’s possible? Let me elaborate.

I was
born 10 weeks early. That means that my body was functioning, but it was early. Well.. kind of functioning. I won’t go into detail here, but it wasn’t easy. I was as tall and heavy
as your average 29th week of pregnancy baby: 39 centimeters, 1.something
kilograms. And I was born at that point! That meant that throughout my entire childhood and youth I was quite
small (I was the smallest kid in a class full of people that were a year
younger than me :D) and heavily underweight. Let’s just say: The first aspect has
changed. The second didn’t. If you want to get a clearer picture: I have a BMI of 17.something!

my youth, people would always come up to me and ask me how I was so skinny.
Especially in the changing rooms I felt the stares of all people, who had never seen my naked torso before. T-shirts usually do a great job hiding my skinniness,
but when changing, it gets obvious. Some people even asked me if I was anorexic.
Some even didn’t believe me, when I told them it was just because of being born
early. After all I was (and still am) consuming just as much food as anyone
else around me and – luckily – was never anorexic.

I experienced
some bullying for being so skinny and wasn’t the most extroverted guy either
which made life hard, especially during 6th and 7th grade. But I made it through somehow. Now that I’ve grown taller and got older, I haven’t had anyone ask me
about my body for the past years. And I like that a lot! I’m still a stick, but
it doesn’t matter as much anymore. Maybe people finally realised that there are
very different body shapes.

on the script of this post I posted for the Twitter poll: Would I like to
change my stature – and if so, am I doing anything to make that happen? I already
said that I’m not satisfied with my body at the start of this post. But thing
is: To really change my shape, I would probably need to hit the gym a few times
a week and look after my nutrition very carefully and most likely would need to sacrifice being
vegetarian (which I have been for pretty much my whole life – more on that in
TMI-ish Tuesday 19). There is no way I’m eating any form of meat, if there is another way! My classmates tried to treat me to a burger when I was in 10th
grade. They tried really hard! Still, it didn’t work. And for the gym part: I would never have the motivation
to do it. Like, I would like to get in shape, but I could never come up with
the consistency needed to actually make a difference. And in fact, I have never
been to a gym. 😛 I don’t HATE my body, so I don’t feel the urge to really change things up. No gym, no healthier diet for me. At least for now. Never say never right?

part of this (this is getting rather short – which to me isn’t a bad thing. It
shows I haven’t been rambling around too much :D): What kind of body type do I
find attractive aka. what I look for in a boy. And I’m really sorry to
disappoint you, but I don’t give a f*** about what he looks like! I know that’s
so mainstream, but I mean it: What matters are character and opinions! Yes,
opinions, too. Remember when I talked about the elections? Remember my
countless rants about the German AfD party on my Twitter? If the person I considered getting as a boyfriend supported any of those, I could never love them! Sorry. Principles.

For the rest, let me repeat: I don’t give a f*** about what
he looks like!

(And I know that everyone is biased in a way, even when they say
they are not. I’m no exception from this rule. So, I guess, if you want to know
what kind of body shape I like best, check what kind of body shape I reblog. Just click here for my blog).

Oh, and before I go, please know: You are perfect the way you are! Regardless your body shape!

What are
your thoughts on the topic? Are you satisfied with your body? What do you look
for (shape-wise) in a boy or girl, or don’t you care? Let me know by placing a comment, tweeting
me, dming me, or what else you can think of – you know the means to get to me.

As always: Next fact next Tuesday. Or earlier, if you would like to know
anything specific. Just ask away.
Whatever you’re curious about – I don’t bite. 🙂

Until then: Stay mighty!

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