TMI-ish Tuesday 19: Vegetarian

Hey there mighty people of Tumblr!

It’s Tuesday which means you get to read a written some-thing from me. Actually I had a really busy day, so I will keep this short and talk about the topic I was planning to talk about today, next week (it’s quite elaborate).

Fact: I am a vegetarian. And I have been for probably the last 15 years or so? And I never even tried meat. The only thing I did eat for a few years was sausages. 

And to do a little FAQ on the typical questions that I get asked about this: 
– No, I do not miss the taste of it. I didn’t even enjoy it actually.
– No, I don’t do it for animal wellfare. While I do think we should treat animals with respect and give them a very good life, I also think that there are some products that have become such important parts of our lives that we wouldn’t want to miss them. If necessary, I think it is okay to kill animals for it. (For some reason this sounds like I would go ahead and just kill all animals – i wouldn’t. I would like for all of them to live a happy live with lots of room and good food.)
– No, I don’t hate people who eat meat. My parents do, my friends do. Go ahead, do it, if you think it’s tasty – I won’t judge you. However, IF you buy meat, I WOULD like to remind you that it might be worth spending some extra money on GOOD meat. Like don’t buy that chicken that had to live with 200 other chickens on one square meter and whose brother was killed minutes after birth because of his gender. Buy meat of which you can sure the animals didn’t have to go through dreadful conditions. Be it organic meat or any other form of healthy meat.

I don’t eat meat, but if you want to do: Sure, go ahead! I do me, you do you.

And as always: Next fact next Tuesday. Or earlier, if you would like to know anything specific. Just ask away. Whatever you’re curious about – I don’t bite. 🙂


TMI-ish Tuesday 18: Mo

Hey there mighty people of Tumblr!

This post is about Mo. Mo and I met Sunday – late at night. 

I don’t remember the exact time, but it was like 1 or 2 at night. And to be quite honest: I think for him it was love at first sight. I think he was intoxicated with love. I was not really sure at this point… Especially when he started behaving quite drunk. But it was fun and I tolerated it. That’s when things started getting a little wild. And before I knew he was sucking me. Literally sucking me! Wow! And I was blown away! I had not expected this. It was a weird feeling and I didn’t even know how to deal with that. The sounds when he stopped sucking tho! Never heard something like that before. But… I have no idea how… but… somehow it was too much for me. His sounds drove me crazy! And ultimately I reached out and just hit him. Right in the face! And… he died. R.I.P. Mo, the mosquito.

Tried something different today. Did you like it? Tell me! Also tell me what I could improve. Also: Have you ever experienced situations like that? Tell me!

And as always: Next fact next Tuesday. Or earlier, if you would like to know anything specific. Just ask away. Whatever you’re curious about – I don’t bite. 🙂

Coming out videos

As promised, here is some more stuff on the coming out videos I posted:

ones I found prior to coming out cause I was subbed to them already:
– Troye Sivan, gay. The first coming out video I ever saw. Waaay before I had
figured out myself. His story about how he figured out he was gay and how he
came out to family and friends:
– Connor Franta, gay. A very inspiring and very informative video about signs,
Mid-West city attitudes, high school experiences, depression and his story:
– Connor Franta, gay, part 2. Yes, he is featured here twice. If you have been
following my blog (and the TMI-ish Tuesday posts), you know, why. This was the
very video that made me think: “Hey! What if…?”. A video about how
his life changed after he came out. And how to hint people without making it a
big thing:
– Hannah Hart, lesbian. Series of videos around accepting yourself, coming out, reactions of others, and how “the closet” can really be a big burden for you: 

The ones I discovered later:

Seanssurreallife, gay. How he found out, the fear of disappointing your
parents, hate by “friends”, depression, being confronted by parents,
figuring out himself:

Colton Witt, gay. Conservative family, small town, a sin to the world?
Suppressing your feelings, bullying, fears, coming out. Parents wanting to know
what’s going on and pushing him out of the closet. Very heavy story, but with a
happy ending. Kinda a heads up to all of you out there who are thinking coming
out to parents might be very, very difficult:

Amanda, lesbian. Confronted by dad, “still loved”, but actually not. Probably
THE most not-accepting coming out story I’ve seen so far. Being yourself. Also
live-coming out to grandparents:

Brenden Hopkins, bi. How his mum found out. Very touching story, told by
holding up little pieces of paper accompanied by very fitting music.

Megan Hillenbrand, trans MTF (Male-To-Female). Very inspiring! About school
problems, getting to know yourself, confusion, being comfortable with yourself,

ChandlerNWilson, trans agender (FTM). Coming out to mom live. Trouble with
religion, acceptance of transgender people, fear for transphobia, happy ending:

since I’m German, here are some German videos as well:
– Manniac, gay. Of all the videos I mention in this post, THIS has probably
been the single most important one to me. Yes, Connor’s video made me think
about it, but rewatching manniac’s video, made me accept myself just like:
BOOM. Acceptance. If you are unsecure about your sexuality, this will help.
Guaranteed. How manniac discovered he was gay, how he came out, and how he dealt
with being bullied for it at school. Featuring footage from back then and some
– typically manniac – crazy-cool drawings:
– Melina Sophie, lesbian. The first. The first major German YouTuber that I am
aware of to come out. Emotional, yet very calm video about how she found out:

I know Dutch as well, so if you understand Dutch, you might find this helpful
as well:
– Yvar de Groot: Very elaborate video (32 minutes). Very informative, very
emotional. Pretty much everything is covered: How to find out, lying to
yourself, regrets, jokes about it, anxiety and coming out. Also very handy

If you missed my elaborate post/rant on good and bad coming out videos, click here.

TMI-ish Tuesday 17: Bad coming out videos

Hey there mighty people of Tumblr! Not really a fact
about myself today, but rather something that’s been bothering for a while now:
“Coming out videos”. Ever since I discovered my own sexuality, I’ve pretty much
watched every one that hit the YouTube search “coming out”. And most of it are
people telling their coming out story or just state “I’m
gay/lesbian/bi/trans/asexual/etc.” and elaborate on it further in the video.
Those are all amazing! Going out there and just putting a video with your story
on the internet shows you have guts! And I honestly admire those, who have
already done it! Props to all of you!

No, what really gets on my nerves, is what I like to call “fake
coming out videos”. If you don’t know what I mean, let me show you. To me, there are basically three categories to this:

1. Two-second videos:
Where the “creator” (in inverted commas cause I think creators actually put
time in their videos – thinking about what to say and how to film and edit it –
[/rant]) just says “hey, my name’s Günther* and I’m
gay/lesbian/bi/trans/asexual/etc.”, and that’s it. And let me not begin with
people who will just upload such a video and not even talk, but have a black
screen with white letters saying it. Like, I don’t get why you are uploading
this video. If you needed to come out to friends/family/people you know, then
TELL them! That works way better. Or if you don’t feel safe talking about it,
text them. What I’m trying to say is: Why send them a like to THIS video? Just
text them “hey my name’s Günther* and i’m
gay/lesbian/bi/trans/asexual/etc.” instead. Or don’t you want them to know? I
think you are not making this video for us, who don’t know you personally. If
you think you are a creator (see above), then take some effort and tell a
story. Your story.

* Disclaimer: “Günther” just sprang to my mind cause I had a rather dumb
teacher named Günther. If your named Günther, please don’t feel offended 😀

2. Fake “coming out” videos:
Where the creator thinks it’s funny to make fun of the LGBTQ+ community. Before
I really get into it: No, what you do is not funny, but simply rude and
hurting. Why? Cause you have no f*cking idea how it feels being
gay/lesbian/bi/trans/asexual/etc. and you just go ahead and make fun of it.
You may be wondering what I mean by “fake coming out videos”. Well,
people “coming out” (in inverted commas cause it is no coming out) as
straight, human, playing Minecraft (yes, I’ve really seen someone do that.
Props for the idea, I still dislike you, though) or whatever else that is not
part of the LGBTQ+ spectrum. Why it annoys me? They are f*cking click-baiting
attention whores! It is no secret that coming out videos can get quite popular.
Some of the bigger YouTubers definitely grabbed some subs from the fact that
they are part of the LGBTQ+ community and/or their coming out videos. Look at
Tyler, Troye, Connor, Hannah, Ingrid, Joey, …and probably some more that I
left out. Ellen should also be mentioned apart from YouTube.
Anyway, I’m drifting off-topic. Attention whores. That’s where I was. And I was
already done. Almost. If you are a straight cis guy (I’ve never seen a girl do
it), then don’t make a coming out video! Full stop.

3. Prank “coming out” videos:
Where the creator thinks it’s funny to make fun of the LGBTQ+ community. Before
I really get into it: No, what you do… Oh, I said that already, didn’t I?
Well, true for this category as well. Just saying!
But: In addtion to what I said for 2., these guys (again: I’ve not seen a girl
to it. Strange, isn’t it?) are trying even more to harrass queers by making
others think they are queer themselves, just to tell them they’re not at the
end of the video. Why they do it? Coming out sells (see above) and pranks do
even better! (More views) + (more views²) = (more views)³. At least! “coming
out pranks” just go rocket high view-wise. And that is a pity!
Same as with 2., but even more so: I don’t like pranks, I don’t like attention
whore, and I absolutely can’t stand attention whores doing pranks! Which –
sadly – seems to be corelated. Anyway: No matter, if you are a straight cis guy
or any other gender, f*cking don’t make a prank “coming out” video! It’s
just disrespectful to everyone, who actually is part of the LGBTQ+ community!
Full stop.

Okay, enough of the rant. I think, I
made my point. Let’s spread positivity! How about we start with some excellent
examples of (actual) coming out videos?
Here are some of my favorite ones. Okay, tbh, this turned into a veeery long
list. I’m going to post a description to each one in another post, along with
some videos in German and Dutch. But here are the links to the ones in English

ones I found prior to coming out cause I was subbed to them already:
– Troye Sivan, gay:
– Connor Franta, gay:
– Connor Franta, gay, part 2:

Hannah Hart, lesbian:

ones I discovered during or after coming out:

Seanssurreallife, gay:

Colton Witt, gay:

Amanda, lesbian:

Brenden Hopkins, bi:

Megan Hillenbrand, trans MTF (Male-To-Female):
– ChandlerNWilson, trans agender (FTM):

I tried to put people from all LGBTQ+ spectrums, but obviously that is hard to achieve.
As a final video, I would like to share: TheReelCorner – Being Gay:

Short, creative filmmaking and – most importantly – telling people what being
gay is normal. Yes, bro!

So. Very long post. Take away? Don’t make fun of minorities. Don’t joke about it. Also: Watch the genuine coming out videos! They are awesome!

If you know other great coming out videos (for those spectrums or others), tell me! My ask box is always open. My Twitter as well. 

And as always: Next fact next Tuesday. Or earlier, if you would like to know anything specific. Just ask away. Whatever you’re curious about – I don’t bite. 🙂

TMI-ish Tuesday 16: Wrap-up

Hey there mighty people of Tumblr! It’s been a while since i’ve got around to talk to you. So, instead of a stating a fact about me, i’ll just do a little wrap-up update post on what happened during the last three weeks (has it actually been that long? sorry!)
/edit from after finishing this post: it is NOT a “little” wrap-up post. Rather, it turned out quite elaborate on topics that matter to me. If you don’t want to read it all, here’s the content:
1. Moving houses
2. Lone time
3. Coming out
4. Orlando 1
5. Orlando 2
6. Brexit
/end of edit

1. Moving houses: I got a room! After looking for one for one-and-a-half months and simply being ignored by the ALL people i wrote to, i finally got a neat little appartment in the city i wanted to move to. Very close to the center – like it! That also means i only have to stay at my parents’ for a few more weeks. Good times ahead!

2. Lone time: Since my parents are currently on holidays – with the neighbors – i have the entire house for myself! So, so, SO cool! Not having to care about noise too much, getting up late without feeling my parents might just shout at me for that next minute – great! Really looking forward to live on my own again. And for real this time: No roommates, just me. 

3. Coming out: No news, yet. Sorry, if i just made you excited for no reason. 😀 But i was close to telling another person (except for the six i already told. More on that here). On Sunday it was the match of the German national football team at the Euros against Slovakia. There’s that group of friends (like 6 or so?) and we watched the first few matches together. And i figured: “Hey, my parents are away, i have the living room all for myself, let’s invite them to watch at my place!”. Turned out, only one of them actually had time to watch the match (or the rest didn’t WANT to – also possible). Anyway, he was the only one to come over. And beforehand i thought about maybe coming out to him, if the circumstances were right and if i felt like it. But… He left quite quickly after the match. So still no one else knows.

4. Orlando 1: Obviously I have to drop some words on what happened in Orlando two weeks ago. That saturday, I woke up to the news spreading on Twitter of Christina Grimmie being shot at a meet & greet after a show in Orlando. To that date i had never heard about Christina, but it made realise that the States are still the goddamned country where everyone can get a gun. R.I.P. Christina.

5. Orlando 2: That same saturday proceeded for me with going to work and to sleep afterwards. The next morning i woke up to shocking news on Twitter AGAIN. This time it really hit me! It was the first time that i heard homophobic news since i came to terms with myself. And it was quite a shock tbqh! Knowing that there were so many people murdered, with the shooter specifically targetting LGBTQ+ people like me, just made me feel horrible. I’ve been shocked a lot of times before – when i heard the coming out stories of American people on YouTube with very conservative, homophobic parents. That seems to be much more of an issue in America than it is in Europe. Shoutout to you Americans though for legalising same-sex marriage! Germany, take note! – but this one… pheeew! Still haven’t fully grasped what happened there. Horrible!

6. Brexit: Last week something happened that apparently no one expected cause they wanted to believe it was never gonna happen. British people voted to leave the European Union! I was devasted when i read about the results! Absolutely knocked out! Like: HOW!? HOW are there SO MANY IDIOTS in this country? I really liked British people. And i probably will continue to do so, but the results REALLY pose a HUGE challenge to us Europeans. And even more so to Britain. And what really struck me is, how old people can screw up the future of millions of young and semi-young people! I find the graphic that glenrules posted on Twitter very accurate. It literally says it all! 
Let’s see where this journey takes us – Europe and most of all: Britain. To speak with Lostprophets: It’s not the end of the world, but i can see it from here.

Right, this post turned out a lot more elaborate than i had imagined, but i don’t want to leave anything out, so take this 6-bullet post as a little bit of a compensation for not posting TMI-ish Tuesdays for three weeks. 

Life is hard – take it easy!

Let me know your thoughts on anything mentioned.

And as always: Next fact next Tuesday (pinky promise!). Or earlier, if you would like to know anything specific. Just ask away. Whatever you’re curious about – I don’t bite. 🙂

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Have you heard about Orlando


Yes I did and I don’t know what to say really. I can’t believe that one guy’s twisted mind was able to shock the whole world with his agressive acts of violence and hatred… ONE person… over 100 victims, it’s bedazzling.

I was taught that one person could make a difference, but in this case I really hope and believe that the unity of us as a tolerant and loving community stands so strong that we can absorb the impact of this loss, so that this idiot’s deeds makes no difference at all and perhaps even make us stronger in the end.

My well wishes and condolences for everyone who (in)directly got involved in this attack.

i couldn’t have expressed it any better! exactly how i feel about it. shocking! just shocking how much one person can change! we need to stay strong.

TMI-ish Tuesday 15

Hey there mighty people of Tumblr! You might argue that it’s not Tuesday today. And… well… technically you’re right… But… Doesn’t Wednesday feel just like Tuesday anyway? 😀

Today’s (or yesterday’s? This is confusing! Nearly as confusing as discovering your own sexual orientation. Okay, i’m drifting off – sorry…) – today’s fact is something youtub-y again. Simple, plain, just putting it out there: I’ve probably watched every coming out video that was uploaded to YouTube over the last couple of months. Why? Cause i like hearing the coming stories of others. The difficulties they faced – or how it all went down very smoothly. I can’t say which ones i prefer. Both are interesting. But obviously i wish everyone accepted us for who we are. People. (This got really deep really quickly)

Anyway, what i was going to tell you is: Even, if i haven’t subscribed to most of the people whose coming out videos i watched, i still found it very interesting. How they approached the topic, how the people around them reacted and all. And i take away some tips for myself from virtually each and every one of those videos.

Coming out videos are cool!

As always: Next fact next Tuesday. Or earlier, if you would like to know anything specific. Just ask away. Whatever you’re curious about – I don’t bite. 🙂

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