Rettungsgassen retten Leben – #TMIishTuesday #71

Rettungsgassen: Jeder wei├č, dass es sie gibt. Trotzdem werden sie – gerade in letzter Zeit – nicht gebildet. Warum sie so unglaublich wichtig sind – und wie man sie richtig bildet – in diesem Post. Continue reading “Rettungsgassen retten Leben – #TMIishTuesday #71”

Deportations of refugees – #TMIishTuesday #68

It’s been a very tricky topic to discuss for centuries: People have migrated to different places ever since human existence. And due to globalisation and information spreading more easily (#internet), we have seen a lot of migrants coming to Europe recently. But what about deporting them back to their home countries? Do and Don’t? Let me explain! Continue reading “Deportations of refugees – #TMIishTuesday #68”

“Your rights deprive me of my rights”! – #TMIishTuesday #66

Yes, we’re taking another look at the same-sex marriage discussion in Germany. And we’ll focus on one argument in particular: “If you* get more rights, that will take away my* rights!”
* “you” being the group of people being awarded the rights and “my” meaning the people defending their rights Continue reading ““Your rights deprive me of my rights”! – #TMIishTuesday #66″

TMI-ish Tuesday 26: Labels

Labels are important. They tell you what’s inside. Or well… They should tell you. The same goes for people. We put them in boxes: man, woman, white, black, cis, trans, old, young, German, American. But labeling someone incorrectly may hurt them. A lot actually. Here’s why.

Continue reading “TMI-ish Tuesday 26: Labels”