Mein Regenbogenarmband – #TMIishTuesday #74

Seit geraumer Zeit bin ich Besitzer eines Regenbogenarmbands – und trage es hin und wieder. Was es fĂŒr mich bedeutet und wo ich es trage – und wo nicht – diese Woche im #TMIishTuesday. Continue reading “Mein Regenbogenarmband – #TMIishTuesday #74”


Coming Out Story, Part 6 – #TMIishTuesday #67

It’s been a while since I last made a post totally focusing on myself. But it’s time for one. I briefly mentioned in my last post that I wanted to come out to my class last week. Well
 Guess what I did!? Continue reading “Coming Out Story, Part 6 – #TMIishTuesday #67”