Mein Regenbogenarmband – #TMIishTuesday #74

Seit geraumer Zeit bin ich Besitzer eines Regenbogenarmbands – und trage es hin und wieder. Was es fĂŒr mich bedeutet und wo ich es trage – und wo nicht – diese Woche im #TMIishTuesday. Continue reading “Mein Regenbogenarmband – #TMIishTuesday #74”

Trans in der Bundeswehr – das geht! – #TMIishTuesday #73

The Trumpet aus den U, S und A hat mal wieder mit einem diskriminierenden Gesetz zugeschlagen. Transidente Personen sind bei Army nicht mehr willkommen. Aber wie ist die Lage eigentlich in Deutschland? Continue reading “Trans in der Bundeswehr – das geht! – #TMIishTuesday #73”

Ja, ich will! – #TMIishTuesday #69

Die Ehe fĂŒr alle ist da. Endlich, sollte man meinen. Und wĂ€hrend die Gegner den Untergang des christlichen Abendlandes herbeireden, wissen die BefĂŒrworter gar nicht mehr wohin mit alle der Freude. Aber: Es bleibt noch viel zu tun. Continue reading “Ja, ich will! – #TMIishTuesday #69”

Coming Out Story, Part 6 – #TMIishTuesday #67

It’s been a while since I last made a post totally focusing on myself. But it’s time for one. I briefly mentioned in my last post that I wanted to come out to my class last week. Well
 Guess what I did!? Continue reading “Coming Out Story, Part 6 – #TMIishTuesday #67”

“Your rights deprive me of my rights”! – #TMIishTuesday #66

Yes, we’re taking another look at the same-sex marriage discussion in Germany. And we’ll focus on one argument in particular: “If you* get more rights, that will take away my* rights!”
* “you” being the group of people being awarded the rights and “my” meaning the people defending their rights Continue reading ““Your rights deprive me of my rights”! – #TMIishTuesday #66″

Happy Pride Month! – #TMIishTuesday #65

It’s Pride Month! What a beautiful time of the year! If you’re new to Pride, I’d like to enlighten you. What is pride? What is Pride? What are the origins of the Pride parades? And why are they still important? All of this in this post. Continue reading “Happy Pride Month! – #TMIishTuesday #65”

#TMIishTuesday #64 – What is… – Transgender?

This past week I saw a collab of two YouTubers explaining what “agender” and “asexual” means as compared to a different gender and “allosexual”. That made reminded me that I wanted to address topics outside the LG box of the LGBTQ+ spectrum for a long time. But, except for the post on bisexuality, I never did. Today I’d like to kick my series “What is
?” off with the transgender spectrum. Continue reading “#TMIishTuesday #64 – What is… – Transgender?”